To see a smile on a face which had almost forgotten how to smile. To motivate a person who has lost all hopes. To help people come out of their uncertainties tribulations.  


Nilu Ali

Bank of America
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INEVERGAVEUP.COM has devoted its time and energy to passionately advocating for the people facing adversity and challenges in life, giving them hope and encouraging them to find a way out. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through your words of wisdom, courage, motivation and let the world know how you never gave up until you crossed the finish line. 

You may never know how your story can become a source of inspiration for someone. Let the world know how you fought against everything. The story of your success, the story of your determination, the story of yours where you stopped only after you got what you wanted. 

Every beginning has an end and every end has a beginning!

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There's always a way

every problem has a solution. it's only a matter of time


You will succeed

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Locally, nationally and internationally, is a vocal advocate for hope, for courage, for patience. We hope to see you fighting through all the odds and victorious.

Shoaib Mohammed


Time is never right or wrong for anything. Time is what you make out of a situation. Hoping for things to change without an effort is is like winning a battle without entering a battlefield. Keep trying every time you fail. Start right from where you left. If you fail again you will learn a lesson and if you win you will have a story to tell, a story where you never gave up, where you kept trying, against all the odds, against all the hurdles. When you just had just had one thing in your mind,                                                     "I Will Never Give Up"

Your time will come

Lisa Grow

Licensed pediatrician and head of food programs.

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